Owner Retiring after 40 Years! 
Work and live on the site of the Premier Jacob’s Cave!
Located on the fast growing Gravois Arm, on the north side of the Lake of the Ozarks, just 1 mile off State Highway 5 on the blacktop State Road TT, the cave is about half way between Kansas City and St. Louis and 60 miles south of Interstate 70. Jacobs Cave is the first cave and the first attraction tourists come to when they approach the lake from the North. There is a large parking lot for easy access for busses and travel homes.

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Jacobs Cave has unlimited potential, with an unexplored section of the cave that could be dug out and would be large enough to put in a cave restaurant or a winery.

There is another unexplored section of Jacobs Cave system that could be dug out and could extend more than 1/4 mile. This new extension could be a separate cave tour. Jacobs Cave is an over flow from the main cave system which has not been reached. The main cave system extends for over four miles.

Totally handicap accessible for every conveyance from baby strollers to electric wheel chairs, Jacobs Cave is truly a family show cave. With ˝ mile of concrete sidewalks and no steps, it is the only walk through show cave in Missouri and one of the very few in the U.S.

The effects of six ice ages and three earth quakes have created a vast array of cave formations with millions of soda straws and features not seen in any other cave in the U.S. There are formations from HUGE to delicate crystals and the world’s largest geode. For a tour of these features, you can view the slide show on the tours page.

On the cave tour, you will find on display, prehistoric bones (found in Jacobs Cave during the development). There is also an excellent display of black light rocks at the end of the one mile, one hour or more cave tour. Ancient writings have been found in the cave that would date back to the time of Jesus Christ.

Included with the sale is a 28 X 72 ft., two story building over the entrance to the cave. The lower portion is a ticket office and rock/novelty shop. The upper level is a four bedroom, two bath home.

Bordering Jacobs Cave is Meadowlands Activities, LLC. Meadowlands Activities hosts Swapping Days twice a year. This is the largest small animal swap in the midwest with attendance of 30,000 people per event.


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